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Mexican Folk Art Alebrije Pegasus Wood Sculpture

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"Noble Pegasus" by Teresita Gonzalaz

This brightly colored Unicorn / Pegasus alebrije is graceful, beautiful, and strong. Hand carved from wood and hand painted with colorful and intricate designs, it is a unique work of art by skilled Mexican folk artist, Teresita Gonzalaz.

Carved from the Copal Tree when the wood is green, Alebrijes are careful shaped with machetes, kitchen and pocket knives. After carving, they must be carefully dried for up to 10 months. They are then carefully hand painted with intricate and colorful patterns.

Alejibre depict creatures real, imagined, and mythical, in a uniquely beautiful way.

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About the artist:

"My journey in Mexican handicrafts began when I started working with copal wood as a way of therapy to relieve my cancer. I struggled with my inner demons and it was a very difficult time. It was thanks to the alebrijes that I started to come alive again. I understood that my mission is to preserve this art that saved my life. It is something that gives me life, and sharing it with others gives me the assurance of what my mission in life is."

~ Teresita Gonzalaz

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